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Agile code review – video

When I talked about agile code review on JavaForum Göteborg there was a fellow recording the event, and he was kind enough to share the recording with me so that I could put it online.

I mixed it with the slides into the video below. I might get back with the recording of the Q&A session at the end, when my Vimeo quota allows for it. Update: the Q&A part is now also available.

If you want to share the video, please link to this page rather than directly to Vimeo, in case I do some further editing and the URL of the video is changed.

Update: Consider watching a newer recording of this talk here instead.

For better readability of the slides, I recommend viewing the video in HD on Vimeo

Note that the slides and links to code review tools and further reading are in my previous post.

Agile code review

Tonight I will be giving a talk at JavaForum Göteborg on code review and how it can be used by agile teams.
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Here are the (Swedish) slides:

As promised, here are the links to some code review tools

In addition to this list, code review is one of the features of GitHub.

Some reading suggestions on code review:
Coding Horror blog entry
Free book from the authors of Code Collaborator
White paper from the authors of Klocwork

Update: A video recording of the talk is now available. Q&A part available here.