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Agile code review at nForum – video

When I talked about agile code review on nForum the other day, I made a screencast recording, which is now online. (I admit sound quality could have been somewhat better.)

For better readability of the slides, I recommend viewing the video in HD on Vimeo

Note that the slides and links to code review tools and further reading are in my previous post.

If you want to share the video, please link to this post rather than directly to Vimeo.

Agile code review at nForum

Tonight I’ve given a talk at nForum Göteborg on code review and how it can be used by agile teams. It was pretty much the same talk I gave at JavaForum a while back. I tried to make a recording of it, and will post a video and update this post, if successful.

Here are the (Swedish) slides:

Here are links to some code review tools:

In addition to this list, code review is one of the features of GitHub. In my opinion it has the same problems as e-mail based review, where it is hard to track what has been fixed and not.

Some reading suggestions on code review:
Coding Horror blog entry
Free book from the authors of Code Collaborator
White paper from the authors of Klocwork