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ClassLoader leaks links

During September 2016 I’ll be speaking about ClassLoader leaks on JavaZone, JDK.IO and JavaOne. For those that listened to my talk and want to read more on the subject, here are the slides, links to my blog series and to the ClassLoader Leak Prevention library on GitHub.

Part I – How to find classloader leaks with Eclipse Memory Analyser (MAT)

Part II – Find and work around unwanted references

Part III – “Die Thread, die!”

Part IV – ThreadLocal dangers and why ThreadGlobal may have been a more appropriate name

Part V – Common mistakes and Known offenders

Part VI – “This means war!” (leak prevention library)

Recording (from JDK.IO):

Code review tools, 2016 edition

I’ll be talking about agile code review on JDK.IO in Copenhagen and since last I talked on the subject more code review tools have become available, some of the from “big players”, so an updated list of tools seems to be in place.

  • Gerrit (by Google) – Open Source, web-based, for Git only, used for Android
  • Phabricator (originally by Facebook) – web-based, free when self hosted
  • Upsource (by JetBrains) – web-based, free for up to 10 users, IntelliJ integration (of course)
  • Crucible (by Atlassian) – commercial, web-based
  • Collaborator (formerly Code Collaborator; by SmartBear) – web-based + Eclipse plugin + Visual Studio plugin (IntelliJ plugin under development), free for up to 10 users
  • Klocwork – commercial, web-based
  • ReviewBoard – Open Source, web-based
  • AgileReview – Eclipse plugin

Older, possibly abandoned tools: