Code review tools, 2016 edition

I’ll be talking about agile code review on JDK.IO in Copenhagen and since last I talked on the subject more code review tools have become available, some of the from “big players”, so an updated list of tools seems to be in place.

  • Gerrit (by Google) – Open Source, web-based, for Git only, used for Android
  • Phabricator (originally by Facebook) – web-based, free when self hosted
  • Upsource (by JetBrains) – web-based, free for up to 10 users, IntelliJ integration (of course)
  • Crucible (by Atlassian) – commercial, web-based
  • Collaborator (formerly Code Collaborator; by SmartBear) – web-based + Eclipse plugin + Visual Studio plugin (IntelliJ plugin under development), free for up to 10 users
  • Klocwork – commercial, web-based
  • ReviewBoard – Open Source, web-based
  • AgileReview – Eclipse plugin

Older, possibly abandoned tools: