About me

My name is Mattias Jiderhamn – I was born in the ’70s and started developing in the ’80s, with Java as my primary language since the ’90s.

In 2016 I was elected JavaOne Rock Star speaker for my talk on ClassLoader leaks.

According to Martin Fowler, architecture is stuff that’s hard to change later, and there should be as little of that stuff as possible. Given that, I’d have to admit to being guilty of most of the architecture in the projects I have been working on, and you might therefore want to call me an architect (but I won’t necessarily see it as a compliment…). What I do take pride in is taking on the technical lead in evaluating, deciding (or at least influencing decisions) and educating on anything from platforms, frameworks, APIs, continuous integration and release pipelines to methodology including TDD and code review. I generally prefer “getting my hands dirty” over drawing stuff on a whiteboard (even though that has its uses too).